OIGS Outreach Institute of Gender Studies
The Outreach Institute of Gender Studies (OIGS) was established in 1975 to advance the understanding of gender identity and role developement with a special focus on alternative gender lifestyles.The last two decades have witnessed controversy over what characteristics should constitute manhood and womanhood in American culture. Traditional forms of gender identity and gender role are being questioned.Crossdressers, dragqueens, transsexuals, and transgendered people of all types are more openly challenging cultural gender stereotypes.

The Outreach Institute provides information and understanding about gender issues by:

To accomplish it's purpose, the Outreach Institute creates and oversees a variety of activities. Audiences include the transgendered community, health care frofessionals, and the general public.The Outreach Institute of Gender Studies is a nonprofit corporation in the state of Massachusettes. It was founded by Ari Kane who is its Executive Director.

Activities and Services include:

Other Outreach Institute services for helping professionals:  

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Outreach Institute of Gender Studies
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Augusta, Maine, USA

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