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Just Released! ---- Mastering Windows 98
From Robert Cowart, the author of the #1 best-selling Mastering Windows (Ingram computer-book distributor's A-List with over 1 million copies sold worldwide) comes the latest update to this widely acclaimed book. Now in two versions, published by Sybex:

Mastering Windows 98 1200 Pages covering all but the advanced options in Windows 98. (Soft cover) Everything of import to most users is covered in this version of Mastering Windows. Full of information, how-to, and hundreds of illustrations covering virtually everything the user needs to know about Microsoft's latest operating system: 

  • What's new in Windows 98
  • How to prepare and upgrade your computer
  • How to use the interface (including all the new "Web View" interface options)
  • How to run your programs and organize your work
  • How to print your documents
  • All about setting up and using a local area network.
  • Getting on the Internet most cost effectively
  • Learn to use the new Internet Explorer for browsing the Web
  • Use Outlook Express for sending and receiving email
  • Using Newsgroups to exchange information with special interest groups
  • Upgrading your computer for multimedia, sound, TV, DVD, etc.
  • Using NetMeeting, Active Channels, Site Subscriptions, Active Desktop
  • Troubleshooting. 

What's not covered: Some advanced topics such as the Windows Scripting Host, Advanced Networking, Advanced Dialup Networking, and Registry editing. (For those topics, see the Premium Edition.) 

Click on the book cover at left to order this book and read more about it. List: $34.99, but use the link to the left and Amazon will give you a price break, at $27.99. 

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