Coming this Fall...
Our 13th book on Windows

Special Edition
Using Windows 2000 Professional

Robert Cowart and Brian Knittel

Que Books


Keep your eyes peeled for this upcoming title. This will be a definitive book on this impressive new operating system. Windows 2000 combines the best usability, hardware support, and interface features of Windows 98 with the stability of Windows NT. Based on our testing, this is going to be a killer operating system both for power users and on the corporate LAN. It installs easily, runs smoothly, doesn't seem to crash and is easily managed across the LAN by administrators.

It contains some powerful features such as Active Directory and Intellimirror, which, for example, allow the user to log in from any workstation on the LAN, and have all his or her own settings, desktop, applications, and documents "follow" him or her around. It runs on laptops and supports Plug and Play, ACPI, USB, Suspend, Hibernate, FireWire, and many other goodies.

We'll give you the skinny on what to use, what to avoid, hot to install it, double-booting other operating systems, VPN, and much more.


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