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Dear Bob,

I bought my first computer six years ago. I knew nothing of computers except that I was able to identify a keyboard since I had once seen a typewriter. What little I learned, I taught myself. (By the way, I'm sixty years old and don't learn as fast as I used to.)In April of this year, I bought a new computer loaded with W95. After some difficulties I had to format my hard drive and re-install W95. Still I had problems. I bought Mastering Windows 98 packaged with Expert Guide to Windows 98. (Two hefty volumes and a pretty hefty price) At any rate, I recently upgraded from Windows 95 to 98. Apparently some of the system files were corrupted in Windows 95 and they were transferred to Windows 98. (The computer manufacturer [Gateway] said that there was probably a "glitch" on the CD from which I installed W95) What a mess! Using your book, (for the installation portion), I got brave, formatted my hard drive and installed Windows 98 as a clean installation. I an delighted to say that everything is now working properly. (There is one mechanical problem however, a loose "nut" on the keyboard) After I re-installed W98, I got a BIG pot of coffee and started reading your book. I am only as far as page 409, but I have already learned more about Windows, and have gotten more use out of my computer than ever before. Thanks for a great book. I will recommend it highly to anyone who is serious about learning W98. I am really anxious to get further into the book so, if you'll forgive me, I'm going to start reading again. (Man, has my coffee bill gone up!) Who knows? I might end up a real computer Guru. Thanks again. By the way, you may feel free to use this endorsement in any way you see fit.

Steven Dean
1675 Highway 95 # A-3
Bullhead City, AZ 86442

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