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Mastering™ Windows® 98 Primium Edition

Table of Contents
Part I: Up and Running with Windows 98
Chapter 1: What Is Windows 98?
Chapter 2: Getting Your Hardware and Software Ready for Windows 98
Chapter 3: Getting to Know the Interface
Chapter 4: Getting Down to Business: Running Your Applications
Chapter 5: Organizing Your Programs and Documents
Chapter 6: Sharing Data between Applications
Part II: Exploring Windows 98
Chapter 7: Basic Customizing with the Control Panel
Chapter 8: Printers and Printing
Chapter 9: Using Fonts Effectively
Chapter 10: Windows Multimedia
Chapter 11: Object Properties and the Right-Click
Chapter 12: Working with the File System and Windows Explorer
Part III: Communications and Using the Internet with Windows 98
Chapter 13: Introduction to Windows Communications
Chapter 14: Communicating Using HyperTerminal
Chapter 15: Connecting to the Internet
Chapter 16: Browsing the World Wide Web with Internet Explorer 4
Chapter 17: Communicating with Outlook Express News and Mail
Chapter 18: Using NetMeeting
Chapter 19: Using Personal Web Server
Chapter 20: Internet Access Tools
Part IV: Using the Supplied Programs
Chapter 21: Using WordPad for Simple Word Processing
Chapter 22: Using Paint and Kodak Imaging
Chapter 23: The Other Windows Accessories
Chapter 24: Maintaining Your System with the System Tools
Part V: Advanced Internet and Windows 98 Customization
Chapter 25: Working with the Registry
Chapter 26: Registry Power Userís Guide
Chapter 27: Heavy-Duty Customizing
Chapter 28: Using the Active Desktop and Tuning In to Channels
Chapter 29: Publishing on the Web
Chapter 30: Scripting
Part VI: Networking and Traveling with Windows 98
Chapter 31: An Overview of Windows 98 Networking
Chapter 32: Planning Your Windows 98 Network
Chapter 33: Setting Up a Peer-to-Peer Windows 98 Network
Chapter 34: Advanced Networking
Chapter 35: Network Gaming and Windows 98
Chapter 36: Internetworking Windows 98 Workstations with NT
Chapter 37: Extending Your Reach with Dial-Up Networking
Chapter 38: Advanced Dial-Up Networking
Chapter 39: Troubleshooting Your Windows 98 Network
Chapter 40: Using Your Laptop with Windows 98
A: Installing Windows 98 on Your Computer
B: Getting Help When You Need It
C: Microsoft Plus! for Windows 98
D: How to Use the Companion CDs

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