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Hi. I'm Robert Cowart, the author of Mastering Windows 3.11. My book has been the product of many years' hard work, starting back in the late 80's with Mastering Windows 3.0. It has grown and changed, adding up-to-the-minute information, tips, tricks, and procedures as Windows has evolved. I've also written 10 other books on various versions of Windows, including Windows 95 and Windows NT.

The most recent edition of Mastering Windows 3.11 adds coverage of the Internet contains a CD that includes the Microsoft Internet Explorer (16-bit version) for Windows 3.11.

Windows 3.11 is still a strong product, with thousands of programs, utilities, and add-ons written for it. If you've decided not to update to Windows 95 or NT, you are not alone. As of last count, there were approximately 60 million others like you, still using the tried and true Win 3.x. Of course, I do believe Win95 and NT have certain advantages over Windows 3.11, and most of the time I use Win95 myself. But I do have a couple of machines with Win 3.11 on them, and several others running NT. I have to admit that sometimes the Win 3.x machine runs faster and is more stable than the others. And I can run it on old laptops and less well-endowed machines (that you can buy for a song these days)! A fine and cheap solution for the friend who says "I just need a computer to use as a word processor" is to find a 386- or older 486-based laptop with 8M of RAM, and load up DOS and Windows 3.1, then Word for Windows 2.0. It'll work great and cost about $500 tops.

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I'm always looking to improve my books, and this site. If you have comments, send me some mail by clicking on the mailbox:

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